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by Martin Hyben

Harmonization of the musculoskeletal system without pain in Poprad

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About me

My name is Martin Hyben and I am a Chiroworks practitioner. Years ago, I started my career in healing as a chiropractor, but I realized this approach didn’t quite resonate with my ideas about healing. When I discovered Chiroworks with its gentle method of adjustments, I knew this was the right method for my clients as well as myself, and I decided to bring it to the beautiful mountain city of Poprad, Slovakia. In Chiroworks, adjustments of bones and soft body parts are done either without a touch (the patient adjusts themselves) or with minimal touching. The therapy is therefore very gentle and precisely targeted.


Prešovská 2937/50, 058 01 Poprad Spišská Sobota, Slovensko


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Chiroworks is a therapeutic method that releases the flow of lifeforce energy and renews the body functions. It combines the techniques of chiropractic with segment release all the while using the gentlest approach without any harsh manipulations or body rotations that may not have a good effect on each person.

When releasing the pain, Martin approaches the body holistically and identifies the cause of the body imbalance. The cause doesn’t necessarily have to be located in the same spot like the pain. Martin uses his knowledge of anatomy and inner body processes to release the pain with a special focus on the cause of the problem.

Bolesť chrbtice, seknutia

Bolesť chrbtice, seknutia

Bolesť chrbtice môže byť spôsobená nerovnosťami v chrbtici a panve. Na terapii sa vyrovnajú stavce, panva, rebrá a vnútorne orgány, ktoré sú častým spúšťačom bolestí v chrbte.

Bolesti ramena

Bolesti ramena

Problémy s ramenom môžu byť spôsobené spadnutou lopatkou, vyrotovanými krčnými a hrudnými stavcami, nesprávnou pozíciou kľúčnej kosti, ale aj samotným ramenným klbom, ktorý býva mimo púzdra.



Bolesti lakťa sa nazývajú golfový či tenisovým lakťom. Problém býva v nesprávne pozícii lakťovej kosti a vretenej kosti.

Členok a achilovka

Členok a achilovka

Bolestivé členky a achilovka sú často spôsobené nerovnostiami v celom tele. Na terapii sa vyrovná najprv chrbtica, panva, bedrove klby, kolena a nakoniec až samotné členky.

Hallux a bolestivé palce na nohe

Hallux a bolestivé palce na nohe

Bolesti v tejto oblasti môžu byť spôsobené nesprávnou pozíciou priehlavkových kostičiek v chodidle. Malé vybočenie už môže znamenať veľké bolesti.<

Koleno, bolesti, menisky a cysty

Koleno, bolesti, menisky a cysty

Bolesť kolena môže spôsobovať nesprávna pozícia obličiek a panvy. Na terapii sa rieši napravenie obličiek a panvy, potom sa vyrovnáva bedrový kĺb, členky, a nakoniec samotný kolenný kĺb. Tieto nerovnosti priečia kosti fibula a tibia v kolene. Niekedy je problém aj v jabĺčku.

Syndróm karpálneho tunela

Syndróm karpálneho tunela

Na vyriešenie karpáneho tunela je dôležité spriechodniť tok energie v celej ruke. Rieši sa pozícia krčných stavcov, lopatiek, lakťa no takisto aj zapästie a kosti na ruke.

Bolesti sánky, zubov, uší

Bolesti sánky, zubov, uší

Zápal trojklanného nervu. Na terapii sa dáva do správnej pozície sánka, krčne stavce a uvoľnuje tok energie v hlave.

Bolesť brucha a menštruácia

Bolesť brucha a menštruácia

Problematické trávenie, zápaly v močových cestách, bolestivá a problematická menštruácia. Spadnuté orgány či spazmy v bruchu môžu byť príčinou bolesti. Na terapii sa odstráňujú ťažkosti v brušnej dutine.


  • Chiroworks is not chiropractic. Martin adjusts bones and organs using unique and very precise, touchless techniques. The sessions are pain free and according to his clients very pleasant.

  • Feel free to call, email us, or send us a message on social media.

  • Ideally, don’t eat for 3 hours before the appointment; don’t take any pain medications; take a shower but avoid using a body lotion.

  • We recommend taking a lot of rest. Try to avoid hard physical activities for 3 days. Drink at least 3 liters of water a day. Avoid “crooked” sitting or lying. It’s common to feel some muscle soreness after an appointment.

  • Absolutely, our youngest client was 3 weeks and the oldest 86 years old.

  • Yes! Since Chiroworks is pain-free you can come even when in great pain. We’ll help you feel better.

  • If you have high fevers, viral disease, or a tumor. If it’s an emergency, please go to the nearest hospital.

  • It’s not for you if you’re looking for harsh and risky methods of adjusting.

  • It’s for you if you’re looking for a kind and gentle approach.
    It’s for you if you want to be truly healthy and live without pain.
    It’s for you if you’re willing to be patient and understanding toward your health and body.
    It’s for you if you’re willing to apply your own will and desire to achieve results.

  • We recommend to come for at least two sessions, especially if you suffer of acute pain or blockages. Despite feeling better after the first session, we recommend to come one more time within a month. If you already have a medical diagnosis such as hernia, torn meniscus, coxarthrosis, gonarthrotic, etc.), we recommend more than 2 sessions.

  • We’re located in Poprad -- Spišská Sobota on Prešovská ulica 50.

Your overall health in one place


Price list



  • Paperwork
  • Diagnostics
  • Overall session
  • 90€ Evenings
  • 120€ Weekends

  • Online session via video conference call (FaceTime, WhatsApp, Viber, etc.)
  • Great if you cannot come in person
  • You will be doing adjustments yourself with Martin’s instructions

  • If you attended one session already and wish to continue improving your health
  • Targeted area repeat session (e.g. a knee): €30. Only for people that already attended the introductory session within the past 3 months.

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Prešovská 2937/50
Poprad Spišská Sobota
058 01 Slovensko

Mobile number

+421 907 942 851